About Me

I am a creative person by nature; I have always been artistic and enjoy photography, writing and music. I have a vivid imagination, and I like to create my own imagery.

"Im inspired by beauty in nature and beauty in design."

I think quickly, and often make decisions based more on instinct than any logic or reason. I also believe that design should be responsible to society as well as to the environment. I am interested in the use of recycled materials and found objects, rather than manufacturing waste.

Read on for my education & work summary, or you can view a pdf of my resume.

To arrange an interview or to see my full portfolio, please email me at sonja@sonjarosedesign.com.

Knowing I was destined for a career in design, I decided to go back to study after working in various departments of the South Australian public sector. Moving from Adelaide to Sydney, I enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design (Print, Packaging & Publishing).

"Going back to study after working within the public sector was a blessing!"

Completing the course was a steep learning curve and gave me the confidence and experience I needed to explore my creativity and start my career as a graphic designer. My previous work experience, excellent communication and organisation skills enable me to work effectively in any design studio.

As part of my freelance design work, I created a training manual for the HarbourKeepers and CoastKeepers (National Parks Association) for volunteer divers completing the Fish Survey. The design was recognised in the National Parks Association Journal (February 2007). I recently also completed a series of illustrations to accompany the survey and aid in training and fish identification purposes.

"I enjoy working as a designer and am grateful that I get paid for that which I love doing."